Seth with his C43 AMG, named Dark Crystal, explores the fascination for acceleration, the desire to 'learn' your own car and plans to restore and rebuild its engine.


Clarisse and her 280ZX, called The Datsun, explore Southern Californias mountain pass roads as she defines her role as a woman in a male-centric environment.

Ep.3 - ZLUTS

Andy and Aris and their love for the 240Z led them to open their own shop, RS Speed Design in Glendale, CA. Their love for classic Datsuns occupies their mind almost 24/7, approaching each build from both a conceptual as well as a philosophical standpoint.




Future Classics is the brainchild of director Elias Ressegatti and cinematographer Daryl Hefti. Shot exclusively on 16mm Kodak film, the project is born out of a passion for cars and the people that share this obsession. Future Classics is shot in a bare-bones approach to honor the independent spirit of filmmaking as well as let the beauty of the cars, their people and the surroundings speak for themselves.


'Do what you can, with what you have, where you're at, to the best of your abilities.'


Produced and directed by: Elias Ressegatti

Produced and shot by: Daryl Hefti

Produced and edited by: Travis Moore

Music by: Hess Is More and Mikkel Hess & Rasmus Bille Bahncke

Color by: Bryan Smaller @ Company3

Graphic Design by: Angelo Ressegatti




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